Monday, December 31, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 31 December 2012

To the year that has been
And the one that is to BE
I wave
In gladness
And wonder

There are so very many memories of this year. In many ways it feels as though for all of these 366 days I have been Right Here with YOU.

And that is true.

This year has also been a year unlike any other that I have known. Even with my familiar and daily practises. I have never met the ME who I BEcame and am even Now BEcoming.

Goodbye requires Letting Go, but even if I am NOT ready [or willing] this day, and this year, will BE gone. Anyway.

And in their place will BE the New Today. The New Right Now.

It was designed like this quite on purpose I BElieve. Otherwise, at least in MY case, we’d BE living in a revolving door where there is no way “out” only the suction holding us in.

Letting Go is a gift I think. One of the best. When I have lived the stink out of a year, pushed it and myself to the outermost edges, the opportunity to Let Go is sweet release.

Even when Goodbye means no more, there is the promise of Hello. Always.

Who ever could [would] have imagined the amazing Hello’s of 2012?!

I love you, Currie

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Sharon Evans said...

This is awesome, took a minute to realise it was a hand. Love it, really speaks to me like your words.