Friday, December 21, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 21 December 2012

If you don’t try
Or start
Or sort it all out
At least you’re moving.

It’s never been my go-to response that failure is anything good whatsoever. And definitely NOT that it is progress. Yet there is too much swept under the rug with that attitude.

What I am thinking Now is that if I am failing [and I recognise whatever result as “failure” to meet the outcome I wanted] I am pretty sure that I am learning. I know something is happening and that there will BE more information available to me simply BEcause I tried.

And yet…

I don’t love to fail.

But I wonder, does anyone REALLY love failure?!

It is a curious Life when I challenge my suppositions and all that I take for granted. When I turn something one way or another I often notice that there is more that is possible than just succeeding or flat-out failing.

Everything that I have ever accomplished has had failure on its path. Everything. Even this writing. My lappie was having a major wee-wee and I had to restart, then it hung in “logging-off mode” awhile so, with trepidation, I shut it off manually.


And Now, here I am, with an even greater conviction that Failure IS Progress. I am going to remember this…

I love you, Currie

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