Saturday, December 29, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 29 December 2012

It is NOT one voice all by itself
Completely alone
That makes the difference
It is the rich and remarkable harmonies
Of voices working together

Fresh from 3 days in a row teaching and collaborating with others to create an experience for the kids at Winter Camp, I find myself this early Saturday morning less exhausted knowing Today I don’t have to go DO it all again.


I started out as loose and free as I like to BE when teaching. It was pretty clear that such an approach would NOT suffice.

So… I stepped up.

I shared my insights. I asked questions.

I collaborated.

It is pretty darned amazing how that works. How one voice grows strained and stretched BEyond capacity, yet 2 or 3 together create something extraordinary. Something BEautimous.

As I did so I felt empowered and re-energised. I didn’t wilt at the “slings and arrows” some kids can seem to BE launching at me. [sensitive flower that I am!!!] I met them there and found as my mind opened my heart did, too.

Kids today… this is what we often BEmoan. But this week I completed that sentence in new ways. They DON’T learn to problem-solve, think creatively, or work collaboratively. That, then, was what we gave them an opportunity to DO.


I love you, Currie

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