Monday, December 3, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 3 December 2012

Unlike fighting
Or resisting limits
Embracing them can
BE deLIGHTfull

I thought I would have been the ultimate resistor of limits. And perhaps I lived as though I was. [or mayBE I had just convinced myself of this?!]

Now I am embracing them. Discovering the soft underbellies of those limits I know Today has been something of a miracle this year. I’d NEVER EVER have guessed this would BE a place I’d find myself happy to BE.

I grew up with people who in so many respects were at each extreme of the spectrum of limits. I got dizzy, physically and metaphorically, just trying to make some sense of it.

As an adult I have waffled and pushed and avoided limits. I have resented anyone trying to impose them on me.

As a person living with a dis[different]ability I have ignored and fought and even denied limits. Which is too bad. Really. BEcause so much precious time was wasted, unused, and misappropriated in the process.

Embracing limits has been the best part of this year. BEfore I was of the mind that I was something of a victim [yes, that word is staying put, Currie] is the various equations called My Life.

No more. Today I am grateful for knowing my limits and especially for respecting them.

I love you, Currie

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