Friday, December 7, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 7 December 2012

Just listen…
It’s hard,
For me, too.
And it’s always
The Right Thing
And best response
When uncertainty
Or overwhelm

A writer and talker of the “too much” variety, I have a hard time when it comes to Just Listen. It has felt like having my right hand tied BEhind my back. It has felt as difficult as any swim up the waterfall. And even though I’d have thought age would make this easier, it hasn’t.

However, age has given me new insight, a different perspective, and deep understanding of listening’s many sterling qualities.

It keeps me from regretting the reaction that tries to shoot out of my mouth in the moment of thoughtsandfeelings colliding like a demolition derby.

It keeps me Present and Open to what I might add to or how I can BE of some service in a situation. It gives me that deLIGHTfull pause to which I can bring years of similar experiences and perhaps formulate a true response, one that reflects my heart and has benefitted from my mind’s taking the time that Just Listening [and I daresay ONLY Just Listening] provides.

Although it is hard, Just Listening makes Life easier. And NOT just for me. I imagine it does so for others as well. That’s quite the amazing thing…

I love you, Currie

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