Sunday, December 16, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 16 December 2012

but DO sing!!!
sing out
sing loud
sing silly
with your amazing smile
singing is the thing
NOT the key you’re in

I’m laughing both near and at myself this Christmas. I am pretty much staying out of the madness that is Christmas as I have known it. I haven’t validated my new bus pass in 16 days. I’ve been walking to DO laundry or go to the market. NOT going anywhere just BEcause it is there and I feel like meandering.

I did NOT intend to BE this way this year. Well, I DID mean to BE reflective as I’m BEing in my posts. And I’ve really enJOYed making my goofy Christmas tree cards, but I didn’t really anticipate that I’d deliberately step out of the midst of Everything Christmas.

Sing off-key, to me, means just join in as you are. Raise up your voice. It is all our voices singing together that brings JOY to the World, NOT one person’s voice alone.

If I told you that what I miss most of all at Christmas is the other voices, would you understand what I meant?! Would you know that it is the way we all soften a bit around our rougher edges that means Christmas to me?!

I am singing way off-key. And it’s wondrous!!!

I love you, Currie

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