Sunday, December 9, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 9 December 2012

when you dare to shine
and give your unique sparkle
to the World
it BEcomes LIGHT in
the heart of everyone
Every. One.

If there were a magic storehouse where the pilot lights of people who have been Here are kept, I guarantee you that no one could EVER differentiate one light from the others BEcause together they are such a shining brilliance.

And, if even one person reading this were to imagine their very own LIGHT shining, it could spread faster than a wildfire. It may sound funny or odd, and I may indeed BE too optimistic, but in my mind that is the simplest and quickest way to right whatever is wrong.

Spread Light.

BE Light.

Dare to SHINE.

I wonder sometimes, when I see cigarette butts, ignored dog poop, paper wrappers, or a bottle or can in the bushes… HOW?!?!?! How is it that just one thing undone, overlooked, or deemed insignificant or unimportant BEcause after all, it’s just one butt, poop, wrapper, bottle or can… can really matter?! Can make that much of a difference?!

I don’t have the answer. I pretty much live in the question.

What I DO know is that each of us and all of our LIGHT matters. If we can dare to let it shine… Spread… Can you imagine?!

I love you, Currie

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