Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 12 December 2012

it’s always possible
[even when some insist it is NOT]
to start again
to start fresh
to go back to the BEginning and take the story another way
one which you’d never have thought
but Now seems so clearly the “only” way

Long a proponent of starting my day over any time, I admit I have had a terribly difficult time of making fresh starts.

I have felt I must “pay for” my mistakes rather than see them a “missed takes” and simply DOing another. A Take Two [or take eleventy-seven even] is only Starting Fresh.

It might have helped me to “get” stuff I didn’t “get” until recently. Like getting that there is good reason for sleeping BEtween one day and the next. It’s for recharging and refreshing and simply stopping all the go-Go-GOing of everyday.

Or, quite possibly, it might have helped to see that as much as I hold my own feet to the fire, I don’t hold others to that standard. I make room. I look for similarity. I intend to understand. I make Letting Go easy by DOing it every chance I get.

Starting Fresh doesn’t always feel so fresh. It oftentimes is more worrisome. Old hob-gobbly fears and doubts creep in.

Yet there is no mistaking the gifts in Starting Fresh.

I love you, Currie

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