Thursday, December 13, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 13 December 2012

The very best reason I’ll usually choose
When someone asks me WHY
Or live
Or write
Or pretty much anything is simple:
BEcause I CAN

I didn’t always feel this way. Wasn’t always so sure and I was NEVER EVER aware of this level or sort of self-confidence in me. And Now?! Well, Now I AM. So much so that sometimes I have to get off my own back about what and how I was in the Past.

When people ask me questions, and sometimes when the questions aren’t asked but I can sense the BEwilderment BEhind whatever is said, done, or even NOT said or NOT done, I realise that perhaps that is also why they DO and why they ARE the way[s] they DO and BE themselves.

BEcause I CAN is clear. It is clean. It is even polite. [though I often have said it with tremendous snarkiness in me, I admit ;~D]

BEcause I CAN also brings an end to further probing which borders or crosses right into mocking.

BEcause I CAN reminds me, too, sometimes, why I am choosing to BE or Live or BEhave the ways I am choosing to BE, Live, and BEhave.

It is also a great encouragement when I’ve lost my way and got caught in the weeds…

I love you, Currie

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