Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 25 December 2012

Amazing Quiet Creative Life
I wish for & I enJOY

Good Christmas Morning. Happy Happy Christmas to all.

I am grateful for the gift of BEing here with you, of the sense of BEing together without the boundaries of Time & Space & Distance.

Above is a collage made as a Love List for 2013. My friend, it says…  
quiet. Creative
Over the course of this year I have come to love my amazing Life. For its quiet. For the opportunities for BEing Creative. For the time to learn myself and know who I am. Who I Dream of BEcoming.

I didn’t always feel this way. [and if I am honest, I don’t always feel it with such JOY] And I don’t imagine I always will feel this way. I only know that what makes me happy, Now, is that I get to luxuriously marinate in large chunks of juicy Life that is quiet. That is enJOYed in Solitude. That is amazing and simply wondrously so.

Although I spend so much time alone, in my own company, I never feel separate or severed. I used to. Very much so. I used to resist and complain and try anything to stop feeling apart and what I interpreted to BE unwelcome.

No more… Now I enJOY every second.

I love you, Currie

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Anonymous said...

Hi Currie, I am stopping by to say "hello" and how do you Be? I love this collage...I was inspired months ago to make one. It was so much fun and I got lost in cutting out what suited me..fun! I look forward to getting back to Photo Art Friday...Yay! I am mulling over starting a blog...again at blogger..Maybe just a photo a day type thing. Currie, wishing for you a inspirational filled New Year, new adventures, new everything..Stay well and inspired...