Thursday, December 20, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 20 December 2012

When you know you are Enough
And you stand in that knowing
You stand strong
You stand long [as long as it takes]
And you stand in peaceFULLness
With JOY and deLIGHT

I am NOT someone who has much practise with knowing I am Enough. MayBE I know I am “good enough” but ENOUGH?! NOT so much.

And yet…

When I know it, which I sometimes DO, it is an amazing experience. Uplifting. Energising. [and pretty cool BEans if I DO say so myself!!!]

When I know that there is no one who brings what ONLY I CAN to Life I feel honoured. I feel inspired. And I want NOTHING other than to BE all the Enough I AM.

It is slippery though, this feeling, especially containing it without BEing carried away with or by it. Sometimes I see myself in the midst of trying to BElieve it is or I am Enough. And sometimes I am just so ridiculous. Like holding a snowball on a summer’s afternoon ridiculous.

Still, Enough is a BEautimous thing. It is where a deep breath is possible and what slows down all the much too deep thinking.

It is thirst quenched. And toes warmed. Hope fulfilled. Dreams coming true as gently as snow falling from the night sky.

It is, simply, Enough.

I love you, Currie

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