Monday, December 10, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 10 December 2012

it has something to tell you
and always something to reveal
it is NOT to BE killed
even endured
listen to it
Now… yes

Funny thing to write about, listening to pain, but there you go. Sometimes the lessons come in strange wrapping.

I had a day with it yesterday. NOT at the start. No, it waited. And suddenly THERE it was!! In a blink. Unexpected and intense.

Pain is a friend. I’ve had to make it one. Otherwise I’d have spent my Life running ahead of myself and BEing stretched to a point where I was NOT useful. Even capable.

When I listen to pain I often hear secrets. Its whispers and insights are quiet, pretty much under the radar. I think this is from all the Time I spent “killing” pain. Or stuffing it down so deep, under so much that really only kept me from experiencing anything else, too.

In another stretch I thought my job was to endure pain. To feel it, to have it, to accommodate it, yes, but silently.

When I first tried to lean into pain and listen to it, all I could hear was gibberish. I would get frustrated quickly and then just kill it to endure it.

Now I invite it to sit. To BE. And I listen.

I love you, Currie

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BJR said...

I, too, listen to pain and try to make it my friend. One can learn so much about life that way...but it's not always easy. I wrote down a statement but I don't remember where it comes from. "The smallest light is seen in the darkest night." That's so true with pain. It shows us the nuggets in life. Some of them are golden!... not to be missed. True, pain has it's cost...but we can't go through life just rememebring the cost, can we? I wish you courage to face your life and live fully. BJR