Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 31 October 2012

Although we may BE reluctant to DO so
Opening our minds is healthy
Much moreso than keeping them closed
No daylight or sunshine to warm their edges
No fresh air to tumble things into new formations…

As a person in the World Today, I value openmindedness. My own. That of others. But… sometimes, no matter how much I’d like to BE MORE openminded or experience others as openminded, it seems the lights are out and nobody’s home.

As a teacher of young children, I consider it my responsibility to BE openminded. To see from a perspective likely vastly different from my own. In fact, to see from many perspectives, all of them contrasted to some degree from my own.

It’s important to me that if I DO open a mind [or several] I must BE respectful, thoughtful, and sincerely careful where I go from there. Like a surgeon, I know there is danger lurking if something is left BEhind or NOT closed properly. One little nick or stumble can make a HUGE difference in outcome.

Oftentimes we don’t think twice about expressing our opinions and judgments. We assume our “rightness” and our “right” to DO so. It is only in retrospect that we can see how this has many unintended consequences.

BEing openminded or encouraging openmindedness?! Big responsibilities.

I love you, Currie

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