Saturday, October 27, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 27 October 2012

It is enough to speak.
BEing heard
All are icing, excess, unnecessary.
Though cherished
Connection with response
Is only a pleasure
NOT a necessity.

Recently I have been shifting and reshuffling ideas, concepts, perspectives, and whole systems of BElief.  I have come to understand that like a pair of glasses or an f-stop on a camera, what I see and how I see it can change and neither the first nor the latter BE righter or wronger than the other.

And I am grateful.

I am grateful for hearing and listening to myself. It is a skill I never wanted to develop. Resisted and postponed, thinking it really unnecessary. And Now I discover its importance and gifts.

When I am paying attention and listening in, when I care in this way for and about myself, I feel “better” and even that which knocks me down isn’t enough to keep me there. This is a gift. It is an ability I never imagined I’d care anything at all about.

Ho-Hum-fiddle-de-dee, that is how I considered listening to myself. Speaking softly was foolish and when I did so, frankly, I deserved to BE overlooked and NOT considered. I needed to make my voice rise above the others. Draw more attention. Grab. Compel. Capture MORE.

Although… MayBE…

I love you, Currie

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