Sunday, October 28, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 28 October 2012

Keep going
Don’t stop
Or worry
Wondering how
Take it one step
At a time
Maintain mobility

Sometimes I have zero recall. When I wrote my Take Two poem a couple of years ago, I know for certain I was in an entirely different head space. I valued things almost completely differently. So it is NOT surprising to me that I would have avoided and even refused to delve into Maintain Mobility.

This morning, undaunted, I selected it. It has been an adventure. This is what I love about getting up well BEfore the sun and writing. I am still open and my brain is smooshier, more malleable. I can discover parts of me that otherwise are unapproachable.

What I have learned already is that maintaining mobility is less about what I’d have thought. Especially since letting go of GraceLand. And relying completely upon my own steam and power to move me from Here to There and Back Again.

Yesterday I walked the 3 miles home after the unexpected but necessary laundry. The wind was wild and the sun was shining. The sky blue and the air nearly crisp, for here anyway!!! I spent that time wandering in my own thoughtsandfeelings. Those that have been challenging me lately…

I sorted it all out. I feel better.

I love you, Currie

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