Thursday, October 11, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 11 October 2012

Life is uncertain
Things change
Hearts change
Minds change
We change
Staying true doesn’t change
BEing Light doesn’t either
I’m trying to remember that…

Some of what I have been DOing in the past nearly a year will come to a true jumping-off point at noon today. I have my first appointment, an “intake” appointment with my Job Coach for Ticket-to-Work. MayBE I am a bit on the wonky side with all of this, yet I actually feel “ready” for this. The final step, of sorts, and in other ways a BEginning…

Over these past 11+ months I have moved from BEing totally dependent upon myself to Make Things Happen to Trusting the Process. I have also gone from scatter-shotting a litany of possibilities to just one thing I want to DO, what “working again Currie” will BE.

A year ago I thought I needed to make sure people knew the depth and breadth of my experience. Today it’s enough that I want to teach, in particular BE an afterschool teacher. Though I’ve experience [and even a little desire] to expand that, as I’ve lived with it Now for several months it has grown comfortable, wrapping itself round and into me.

Although Life is constant change, it is also constant fine-tuning. Simplifying. Clarifying.

I am sooooooo grateful.

I love you, Currie

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