Thursday, October 18, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 18 October 2012

It isn’t hard, dreaming

It isn’t hard, dreaming

Seeing something into BEing
Getting a clear picture
And yet I hesitate
And leave things hanging out there
Spinning off into the far distance.

I am definitely a dreamer. And I visualise things without apology. And yet…

Lately I have been putting the brakes on dreaming dreamily and only envisioning the “proper” and “acceptable” stuff, NOT everything.

Strange. I know.

I think what’s going on is this: I have shifted into an entirely new gear. I am more content with what is, with what I have, with how my Life is BEing, and with what I am DOing. Right Now. I don’t want “more” anymore. I am simply and easily squeezing the deliciousness out of everything, enJOYing it immensely. I have discovered a storehouse of treasures untapped. Right here inside of ME. And all round about me, too.

No longer am I into wanting things or whatever all I have wanted with abandon for all of my Life up until Now. Instead I am noticing how the light looks when the sun rises. How clouds dance in the sky when I am walking. Somewhere. Since I am walking. A LOT.

I am grateful for the smallest things and finding overlooked things every single day. I am thrilled by what might BE considered silly…

I love you, Currie

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