Thursday, October 25, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 25 October 2012

Think and envision
BE clear about need
And patient with want
Even the smallest things
Are worthy of thoughtfull preparation.

One thing I try to build into my Life is preparation that isn’t rote or based in some ancient system. It is awake and aware of possibilities. It is relaxed. VERY relaxed.

Imagine for a moment making a Journey where your destination is almost unknown and unknowable… [after all, we really canNOT predict the future however determined we are]

My guess is that you, like me, at first imagined someplace you have long wanted to go [or even someplace you long to go back to]. I doubt that you thought about what this day holds, or even one slice of this day.

MayBE I’m wrong…

However much I focus on my future, my “future self,” or some nebulous Someday Somewhere in my Life, I rarely imagine its impossibility. In fact, such visioning has all the details neatly supplied without my really needing to consider them.

I think this is BEcause I envision myself well-prepared and well taken care of.

But you see, I never DO think of that. I think of the Future with impossibly complete faith that all will BE well. I see myself as prepared and ready for whatever comes or does NOT come to pass…

I love you, Currie

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