Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 17 October 2012

Simple, right?!
We all know this
Intend to DO it
Yet somehow
Without meaning to
We let one
Or both

I’ve long been a proponent of eating healthy. Yet for a long while I simply chose NOT to look at the junk I continued to consume, whether intentionally connecting that to healthy eating or seeing it as something separate and far from equal.

Sleeping well?! It used to BE if I just got enough sleep, I’d BE fine. If I could turn off my brain and let my body really relax, I’d count it good. I had no clue what sleeping well really looked or felt like.

We’ve all experienced this, to one extent or the other. We’ve good intentions and then Life happens. And suddenly we’re running on empty, or just fumes. We’re trying to find the enoughness and okayness. We negotiate and re-negotiate with ourselves, our bodies, our lives.

Sleeping well and eating healthy are Now my top priorities. It’s NOT always easy, even if I DO live alone and have extremely limited resources to indulge my far from healthy appetites. I don’t think My Way is THE Way. MayBE just THE Way for me. And I know I’ve more options, too.

I suppose you could say I DO what I CAN. Always. Right Now.

I love you, Currie

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