Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 30 October 2012

Dare to touch a heart.
Embrace the impossibility
That one tiny insignificant gesture
Given in simple lovingkindness
CAN DO that.

We’ve just rolled into the season of scorpions. Well, at least in my little World. Each of these next 3 weeks I get to step up and try touching the heart of another who has shown me, time and again, I canNOT.

I’d once have assumed that this knowledge would stop me. That I’d grown wise and clever enough to NOT set myself up to fail. And you know what?! The failure wouldn’t BE anywhere in what went out there. It was ALWAYS, and I mean Every Single Time, in my own heart.

I know I canNOT make someone change. I canNOT DO anything with expectations rooted in magical thinking. I can only DO with the love in my own heart. Give my gift. Say what I feel.

The only one whose heart will go untouched these 3 weeks, if I DO nothing, is me. Sort of a lightbulb moment, realising this is what is.

These past recent years I have grown increasingly introspective. And quiet. UN-brazen. Without expectation. This is good. For me.

I have also grown a thicker skin, some might say, where touching hearts is concerned. I DO it Now mostly for ME.

Imagine that...

I love you, Currie

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