Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 24 October 2012

Seek Goodness in all things
Whether it seems to BE there
Or even to make sense.
Choose to look for Goodness
Knowing it is there
Even in what seems old, rotten, and no longer vital.

It occurred to me yesterday, walking, that time and space where much of my insight seems shaken loose, that perhaps the HIGH HIGHS and low lows of last week’s mood swing make perfect sense.

I will say I wasn’t looking for it to make sense. I mean why go digging into something once it seems I’ve cleared it and left it BEhind?!

MayBE for this simple reason: I look for silver linings, gifts, and goodness. Everywhere. Always.

And perhaps it is my fervent BElief in ponies amongst the piles of…

I am grateful that my mood is shifting back to more of a normal space. It’s much more comfortable here, especially when out in the wider World BEyond the Wee Cottage. It’s NOT like everything is suddenly wondrous BEyond measure. Certainly Life still has its sand traps and speed bumps.

What is nice, though, as I am looking from Here, is to see the arc of things. The way each little bit builds on each other little bit. How altogether it created a bridge for walking across, stopping upon, and looking over…

I love you, Currie

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