Friday, October 5, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 5 October 2012

Stay close enough
And open up
Look within
Really see what is there
Inside YOU
And you can
[RE]Discover YOURself

If there were only one thing I could point to that has changed for the better [BEcause, really, there has been so VERY MUCH] in me these past 6 years, I wouldn’t hesitate to say Telling My Truth.

For 12 years I had let My Truth dissolve and disappear. And I could NOT have told you what I BElieved BEcause I had forgotten that I even had a Self that was just ME, my OWN self.

This does NOT mean I was any sort of victim, nor was I 100% a volunteer. It is just how I rolled during that period. And it was mighty tempting to lose that Self I had BEcome, BEfore that 12-year chapter of My Life… but it was NOT easy to open up and see this.

As I’ve learned to look within myself, [at times staring into the void BEcause I couldn’t really SEE anything through all my upsets, outcrying, and feeling abandoned] I’ve discovered a sweetness I never guessed was mine. And a tender heart.

Discovering myself at this point in Life, is quite wonderful. Extraordinary. And very encouraging.

It isn’t EVER “too late” to BE who I AM. NOT Ever.

I love you, Currie

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