Thursday, October 4, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 4 October 2012

Starting out?!
I prefer happy.
And BE quiet?!
ME… Quiet??
Saying YES to it all?!
My choice!!

For most of my Life I would NEVER have said I am someone who starts out HAPPY. In fact, it still feels like I am “making BElieve” when I own that. Yet that is who I am Now. I BEgin at Happy and find that it makes HAPPY much happier. And quicker to realise. Even spread.

My dreams are BIG but NOT in the ordinary size-wise container. They are BIGGER than I can figure out, make happen, or say HOW they will come to BE. They are BIG enough. Which is, perhaps, why so many of my dreams BEfore never came to BE more than ho-hum.

BEing quiet for me would seem an oxymoron. Laughable. Impossible. And yet… In living my Life in Solitude I am discovering the deLIGHTs of quietness. Silence. NOT filling up space with sounds and distractions. Especially the space BEtween my ears. [I still can talk, and talk too much, but then there shall always BE work to BE done, eh?!]

Saying YES?! What is it about that that seems a little naughty and provocative?! Why DO I feel somewhat bodacious about making [choosing ] this decision? Automatically? Without hesitation?

I DON’T!!!

I love you, Currie

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