Saturday, October 13, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 13 October 2012

Lean in and let your nose recall
Whatever your favourite smells
Cherish them with deLIGHT
And never hold back from a risk
Like loving someone
Just BEcause you CAN

I used to think I was weird BEcause I had such a strong sense of smell. In one tiny whiff I could recall exactly the glorious scent of someone, a time, or a place. It hasn’t always been a good thing, I’m the first to admit, yet it has always been a sure thing for me. One sense that really has both a brain and feet…

If it is possible to risk everything for nothing certain, for the very strong likelihood that it will blow up in my face, I have to say I have often gone for it. EVEN THOUGH…

What is this, this way of strong recall and the terrifying chance I’ll BE landing with a resounding thud?! I think it is Life. As ME, perhaps as others experience it, too.

Trying something New, even if it is “old” but new-to-me Now, always involves great risk. This is NOT to say I am all up in your face and blowing my horn, just that it is risky, Life, and it takes a Spirit of some combination of guts and foolishness. Willingness and deeply held faith.

I love you, Currie

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