Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 16 October 2012

When I see something
[or someone]
I don’t know
[have never seen BEfore]
There is this “thing” I DO
I wonder…
Is it the same for you?!

I’d like to call it my wild and far-flung imagination, yet the TRUTH is, I am a judge. And I assume. And what’s more, I BElieve what I judge and assume. I take it as fact. Evidence. Proof Positive.

This has got me into trouble. Far too often. Far too much. And for far too long…

It’s hit a new high since I started riding the bus. So, to NOT try to swim against the current, I have been making a game out of this nasty little habit of mine. In light of whatever judgment I have made, I blend in that much MORE in the way of COMPASSION. I decide that the “awful and nasty” man who keeps up a ritual of hand to nose, hand to eye, hand to ear, and tops it all off with hand to mouth is practising some sort of deep thinking. Has splendid visions of what is possible and…

Really, this is NOT meant to BE flip or unkind. I have GOT TO train this brain to use its imaginative power for GOOD. In service of kindness, compassion, and for thinking very good thoughts.

I love you, Currie

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