Monday, August 27, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 27 August 2012

BEgin Ó2012 Currie Silver


BEgin is one of my favourite words. One where I nearly always capitalise B and E. Boldly.

After 26 days of Plan BE writings, I have 5 days of August left to fill. It dawned on me that I could DO this with my favourite words that BEgin with BE.

Why Plan BE?!

Plan BE BEgan with BE Brilliant. Everything has someplace it BEgins. Thus this word: BEgin. A natural addition to the month of Plan BE writing and art-making.

BEgin is fresh. It’s new. It’s filled and overflowing with possibility. Like Plan BE.

Plan BE was to BEcome an e-course. Whether one I’d teach and share, or simply something I’d complete on my own, as I often DO…

In the BEginning, Plan BE  was intentionally focusing on BEing: Authentic. Brilliant. Curious… Zen.

Plan BE has always reminded me of when I was teaching K-4. At the BEginning of the year our time was spent creating the “community” of our classroom. Acknowledging and understanding how each of us saw and understood the various influences we had on one another and the group as a whole.

Now, Plan BE is a collection of essays, poeming, and art… It is a seed I have planted. It is growing.



I love you, Currie

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