Friday, July 6, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 6 July 2012

Accept The Rhythms Of Earth & Humanity
                                               Ó2012 Currie Silver

Accepting Life is always the way
Or so I have learned
Again and Again
By NOT DOing this.

I laugh at my thoughtiness some mornings, coming to this writing, to this primary effort at connecting the dots of my Life in some way that might possibly make sense. It’s good that I am NOT fully awake yet, that I am just going through the motions and DOing what I DO here every morning.

I suppose that I have learned the most by DOing what was counter to simple Acceptance. Sometimes I have fiddled, played with the colours and shapes, as in the piece above, but in Real Life there is NOT an Undo command, no Backspace, no Delete. When I act, speak, write, DO a thing there it is, DONE.

I COULD make some changes here, Now, BEfore I copy and paste this to send and then to publish. I could and sometimes DO make edits as I go or reread, but the thing I know is that when I trust what comes up first, without guile cutting in, I dance the best. I show up most truly as ME, whatever anyone at any time may think of that [including Me].

Starting from Acceptance is a good plan.

I love you, Currie

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