Saturday, July 28, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 28 July 2012

Knowing All Is Well Ó2012 Currie Silver

Even if it all seems a HUGE MESS
And I am feeling swept away in its wake
I trust that All Is Well
Sometimes just “well enough”
And keep rolling on through…

I’ve heard it said and read it, too, enough to know that no matter how discombobulated and strange, Life is unfolding exactly as it is meant to. Lately I have been listening to and watching a lot of TEDTalks and it has had the effect of expanding my mind. Even my heart.

Sometimes, and I know this is true for me, and for many of my generation, it feels like things are “all out of hand”, that these “kids” running the World have got it all “wrong” and on it goes… But the funny thing is that “these kids” are OUR KIDS. We aren’t standing on some imaginary sidelines. We are actually RESPONSIBLE. We encouraged them, handed them the World as we had shaped and shifted it, and in greater or lesser degrees gave it to them for safekeeping.

This is NOT my original thought. Which is why I point to TEDTalks. Sometimes it is exactly the right thing to stand in my own confusion and let Life find its way to move the fog from around me…

I love you, Currie

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