Friday, July 20, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 20 July 2012

Stay Curious. Ó2012 Currie Silver

Keep your eyes open
Let yourself BE amazed
BElieve in surprise and the unexpected
Don’t make up your mind
Dance with it instead…

As I complete this 50-line prompt fest, I find myself feeling closer to ME and understanding who I am, deeper inside than day-to-day Life often lets me SEE. Or mayBE it is my willingness to LOOK and say what I SEE. BEcause, really, when I make myself get up and write first thing every morning, I am fairly well-assured that I will let it spill, without editing, without even thinking, what would … think?!

Staying Curious is probably the key to my improving mental health. In my prior ways of BEing I was either doom-and-gloomily Eeyore-ish or I was all sunshine and rainbows. Extremes, I think, were more comfortable for me. Less gray, more black-and-white.

Now, though I hardly have what I’d long been certain was a “perfect” Life, I am happier than the happiest I could have imagined. And when I am REALLY honest, with YOU, yes, but more with myself, I have to admit that my Life Now, Today, is really wonderFULL.

You see, it is NOT about stuff and relationships and things, it is All About the Dance. The capacity for Play. The Wonder and the DeLIGHT…

I love you, Currie

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