Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 9 January 2013

Find your own ways
They might include candles
Or songs.
They might BE as simple as a smile smiling within.
Perhaps your small victory can BE celebrated out loud
Or in whispers.
Just Celebrate Small Victories…

It can often seem foolish as a person living alone to “celebrate” some small [or large] victory. It is like I am embarrassed to DO something yet in the same thought, though I am NOT seeing it, like the other side of a coin, who am I worried will mock or point at me laughing derisively?!

Yes, the mind. A terrible thing to listen to sometimes…

For me, celebrations are quiet, generally, but I have been known to hoot and clap and sing. Right Here. All by myself. [though, of course, Gracie is ALWAYS happy to join in]

There are small victories in all our lives, things which mean something to us, and perhaps ONLY to us, yet they are so important to take deLIGHT in and celebrate full-out.

I love it when I wake up after a stretch of long sleep [even though I am usually woken up these days by coughing] and go out to see the time and smile to know I have slept right on through for some number of hours.

Or waking naturally, just at 4…

I love you, Currie

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