Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 30 January 2013

What DO you think Ride Full Out means?! I mean, what might it mean to YOU Right Now?! I ask only to invite you to consider it and NOT BEcause of my incessant curiosity!!

This year has BEgun with an earnestness I have rarely witnessed in myself. MayBE it is deliberate, and perhaps I am DOing or BEing some ways [or NOT DOing or NOT BEing some ways] in which I have NOT BEfore.

MayBE I am just growing into the comfortable forgetting part of my Life.

It could BE…

In any event, I have forgotten my fears and Let Go of self-doubt and my never quenched thirst for the approval, agreement, and support of those who will NEVER give those things to me.

Ever. [which you would think I’d have realised long ago or at least stopped my magical thinking…]

It turns out that I really don’t care so much anymore about anyone else “getting me” so much as I care that I AM “getting me” and that God is, as Karen is fond of saying, “DOing the heavy lifting.” Which in itself is all the real approval, agreement, and support anyone really needs.

Ahhhhhhh… wisdom BEgins to peek past the transom.

I am leaning into Life, riding full out… sometimes with no hands on the handlebars!!!

I love you, Currie

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