Saturday, January 19, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 19 January 2013

Let Go.
In the space
Of rest
BEtween notes.

Resting is a challenge for most people. I’ve been noticing. As things are hurried up and waiting BEcomes “time to kill” DOing something, often mindless, rarely DO we notice much less acknowledge the space that is BEtween.

In music, as I recall from choir and playing the clarinet, there are moments where rest is written into the music. I can no longer READ the music, mind you, but I once knew enough to read the rests.

And Now I need to BE more mindful and aware. I need to stop always filling up time or using it for getting this done.

Time, like this one day, is a gift. It’s NOT mine to “kill” or “fill” or in any way “waste” in whatever mindless nothing I can. It is to BE savoured, even if it is with resting and pausing and waiting.

I have grown far simpler and this change is pretty much total; I rarely see the “old me” who was easily irritated and who could slip into a snark in a flash, complain about her miserable lot, filling the air with negatives and sarcasm.

But on occasion I slip back there. In a blink. Certain that I’m justified. Unwilling to rest in BEtween the notes…

I love you, Currie


The Artful Diva said...

I cannot relate to resting - no, no!

Anke Martin said...

Well, said. Smiles to you :))))

Anke :)))

Boo said...

Currie, This is the coolest blog. It love that you named it, "I love you, Currie."

Your post today about being is wonderful. So glad I saw this blog address on the bottom of your email.

Boo who is loving herself more each day!!