Thursday, January 24, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 24 January 2013


Admiring something
[or someone]
Without envying
[or desiring]
It is NOT how we are programmed
[or taught]
And yet it is our opportunity
[or choice]
Every. Single. Time

I’d have to say I still feel odd and at loose ends when I simply admire someone else or what someone has done. I feel this inner pull and tug. A sense of dizziness takes over my brain. It is like searching for a word or someone’s name and it’s simply inaccessible. All of that is a polite way of saying I’m taming the green-eyed monster who is roaring to Life inside of me. Demanding my full attention. NOW!!!

I’ve often said I am NOT a competitive sort of person. What I MEAN is that, yes, of course, I am programmed to “BE THE BEST” and I’ve just as much desire to win or BE chosen as the next person, but I really and truly despise competition. Winners mean losers. Firsts mean lasts. Yes means no.

With intention I have BEgun to rework my internal programming. I make time each day to bask and luxuriate in the gifts of others. I admire with my Whole BEing the wonder of those I share this Journey alongside.

It feels odd sometimes, and then I remember that NONE OF US was born walking…

I love you, Currie

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