Friday, January 25, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 25 January 2013

BE Prepared
Encouraging words for guidance
Remembered words well-used
And yet…
Prepare For Wonder?!
That’s all my own recipe for Life.

I am sharing 2 giraffes this morning BEcause it’s my prerogative!!! Actually, they are one and the same, with one, the one on the bottom, inverted. As January rolls on I am daily amazed at the learning of drawing. NOT, mind you, that I drew this one. Or at least drew it from scratch. NO… This I drew over and over and over again to teach my hand and mayBE, too, my brain, HOW-TO draw a giraffe.

I used to help college students from an array of different countries learn to write much the same way. They studied things which I knew little or nothing about, Public Administration is one that comes to mind. So I wrote, essays, research papers, and the like “for them to learn from.” They were each brilliant BEyond my reach, so I encouraged them, guided them to BE so brilliant in English.

Applied to Life As I Know It Now, drawing over and over and over again this colouring page giraffe has let my hands and eyes feel and see the proper proportions of the giraffe. I have learned by copying and frankly, that’s an amazing and effective way to learn…

I love you, Currie

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