Friday, January 18, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 18 January 2013

Respond, when you DO
With clarity
BEing sure of yourself
As well as honest

I’ve long been somewhat muddled, muddy, and overly conversant. I can think of a million times where I wish I could suck out the Way Too Many Words I used to respond when one or two would have sufficed. Nicely.

And so I continue to practise and measure my words thoughtfully. I am learning to determine when I am reaching and finding filler or flounce. And then cutting it out or weaving it another way.

This is what Writing Practise is for me. Sometimes. About the lessening of the more. The finer tuning of the too much.

Knowing what I want to say is only the tiniest bit of it. In fact, sometimes I need to stay completely out of the Aisle of Want. Instead spending my time going down my list of NEED. NOT BEing sidetracked and fascinated with the sparkly little baubles that catch my eye and send me racing down long run-on sentences full of imagery and cleverness.

Clever is NOT all I’d thought it to BE. In fact, Clever is NOT EVEN what I aim for anymore. Honesty. That is the place I aim Now. NOT for some outlandish revelation though. For its simplicity and its clarity. That is all.

I love you, Currie

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Anke Martin said...

I know what you mean....sigh...yep! :)))))