Sunday, January 20, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 20 January 2013

Suspend your oh so keen judgment
Allow yourself to IMAGINE
Without some adult brainiac
Telling you what is POSSIBLE

I’ve chosen to play with this quartet of giraffes to illustrate BElieve In Possibilities. It’s so much more fun, really, to BElieve. To NOT go all grown-up and stuck-in-mud ADULT. To let my hopes and dreams dance their silly jigs and sing their gigglicious songs.

I imagine these giraffes singing. Dancing. Cutting up. Letting loose their inner sillies and forgetting all about BEing sensible and forward-looking. To relax and take Life in one gorgeous breath at a time. Sweetly.

I am Very Sure [and have done numerous studies that bear this out] that I CANNOT draw. I am so certain of this, in fact, that I no longer even TRIED to draw for a Very Long Many Years.

BUT THEN… along came 2013 and the Year of the Giraffe!!! After a year of checking out and renewing Carla Sonheim’s Drawing Lab, I had an opportunity to work with her for an entire year. Online, with a group of others from all round the World. All about giraffes…

I love giraffes, but what I love even more is LEARNING and growing and stretching. And January is Draw the Giraffe. So, here you go, 4 of mine impossibly DRAWN...

I love you, Currie

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