Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 23 January 2013

enJOY the view from where you are
enJOY that you can see and know
that BEauty is NOT just one thing

When making a list of writing prompts, little phrases to push me off in the mornings, I’m in a different “place” in my brain than when I wake and BEgin writing each morning. Sometimes it makes me a little bit crazy. And at others it just makes me smile.

Today is one of the smile sort.

EnJOYing the view is often the ONLY THING that has stood BEtween Me and the Possibility of Happiness. Willingness. Acceptance.

I’ve spent so much of my precious Life in comparison. Comparing my Now to my Then. Comparing Me to You. Comparing what I did to what someone else [or, hey, why NOT EVERYONE ELSE?!] did or does or CAN DO. Wasting Life is a losing proposition. Wasting it in comparing, in longing, in wrongly focusing. Whatever. There is no winning there. No Hope. NOT an ounce of Possibility.

Comparison is like driving down the road looking in the rear view mirror. NOT enJOYing the view from where you are, what you are passing by and through, which you have looking through the windshield, is like turning on the shower but standing outside and NOT getting in.

EnJOY this view. Right HereNow.

I love you, Currie

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