Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 29 January 2013

Listen, just listen.
You will hear it.
You need only to listen…

I listen, Now, more than all of my Life up until Now. Whether I am listening to the sound of a light and uncertain rain, like Now, or the ticking of the clock, also Now, or the faint hum of the ceiling fan, again, Now, or the space that is without the trains and their whistles... When I remove the distraction of music or talking, when I come to my Writing Practise open and willing, and when I listen, just listen… I discover amazing things.

I discover there are things I’m thinkingandfeeling that don’t fit inside words. Even sounds. Things BEyond expressing, I have only to trust that I know what I am hearing in that space.

As long as I listen.

I spent a huge chunk of yesterday trying to make the piece of art I managed to make this morning. The difference, I BElieve, was listening to my What If I??? and MayBE I Could Try??? and then allowing myself to LISTEN to what happened then. To listen, just listen.

It is this way, too, when listening to God. When BEing listened to, especially by God.

I am quite accomplished at complication and convolution. Muddying waters. Stirring up the quiet sands BEneath my surface.

I love you, Currie

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