Monday, January 28, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 28 January 2013

Dare to BE thought a fool
Dare to BE wrong and even silly
To BE Nobody
To BE Nobody’s Somebody
To BE forgotten or simply BE NOT remembered
Dare yourself
Dare to BE what you fear

Somedays I am silly and others serious. Today is one of the Somewhere In BEtween The Extremes and it is fine. Somedays I am Just Like This. And really, no one is even keeping score!!

Dare to BE. What would YOU dare to BE if… if NOT for?! If ONLY?!

Dare to BE nobody special and to simply DO what you can. That is my great hope. For almost all my Life I have lived with the delusion that I need to BE Something and Somebody. And really, it’s all nonsense. I have seen this. I have discovered it in the space BEtween disappointments.

All I need BE is Me. All I need Dare is Everything. I am certain. Surer in fact of this than I have been of anything EVER in my Whole Life. I am NOT in training for something NOR am I practising to BEcome “better” or “more” or even “accomplished.” I DO BEcause I CAN. I CAN BEcause I DO. Nothing confusing about it at all I see… Now.

I Dare only and always to BE Me.

I love you, Currie

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