Friday, January 11, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 11 January 2013

Rarely can you set a switch to like what’s happening
I know that much
Yet you can lean toward DOing that
Envision yourself BEing that way
And mayBE even ask for a little help…

I’ve often heard that how you DO anything is how you DO everything. Kind of like It Is What It Is…

Well, mayBE that is true yet what is so for me is that oftentimes I can BE entirely swallowed up in an experience in the Right Now and NOT in any way have the presence of mind to see that I am BEing habitual and unbending.

This is, I suppose, Life’s Wisdom trying tenderly to teach me. Kinder than a two-by-four to my head!!

Apparently I have done some really deep changing in recent months. I mean, things have changed that canNOT BE undone. Even if I TRY. This is what discomfort is all about for me. What gets me lost in my busy brain trying to Make Things Go My Way.

So I am Now in the place where dreams are born. I just didn’t grasp clearly the gestation piece of it.

I want to point to January BEing a challenging month for me, BEcause historically it has been. But instead I am leaning into the unknown and trusting the process. Completely.

I love you, Currie

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Leovi said...

A collage delicious, excellent colors.