Saturday, January 12, 2013

Currie's Gratitude 12 January 2013

What is Enough?
Fast Enough?
Slow Enough?
Good Enough?

As I’ve Now immersed myself fully into 2013, I am feeling the freedom that comes when coming from under the water through the surface and up into the air.

I am sensing there is space enough and time enough to learn more about Enough and how we, Enough & I, fit, dance, sing, and play.

Setting my pace each day is far more essential than I had imagined. While I know that I LOVE and deeply cherish my early mornings for writing, somedays, like Today, I relinquish the pleasure to sleeping, dreaming, and starting later, ever so slowly.

I notice that I am fortunate, rich in things that others find lacking, NOT as a matter of comparison, rather, observation. It is easy to focus on the things I canNOT DO, those I DO NOT Have, seeing others can and DO and call my circumstances NOT Enough. Less.

Yet in this one thing, Time, I am blessedly abundant.

And in DOing this one thing I CAN DO, Setting My Own Pace, I am rich.

I am overflowing with Time and Ways To Play and DO My Days. And I wish deeply I could give this to others. BEcause that is what seems to BE making all the difference…

I love you, Currie

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Leovi said...

Funny, I love you enough.