Sunday, September 30, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 30 September 2012

Ó 2012 Currie Silver

Strange how this works
Rather than seeking love
With another person
Discover it deep inside
Fall into that deep place
With who you are

Much of my grown-up Life, I’ve been “out of love” and enduring it. NOT gracefully, either. This is NOT something that fills me with pride, nor is it something I really like to admit “out loud” and in public. But there you go. Truth spoken, written, published, and sent out there…

Recently, I have been blessed to have both a front-row seat AND a backstage pass to the growing “in-love-ness” of several people I cherish. It’s NOT in person, but it’s almost deeper than that. Perhaps only BEcause I see it thus, but therein lies its magic.

Watching, reading, listening, and most of all interpreting this experience is like looking in the most magical of looking-glasses. In that reflection I have seen myself, “in love” and “falling” there… numerous times.

For my part, I’ve never “stuck” where I’ve fallen. Or mayBE it’s truer to say that those I fell in love with didn’t stick. Which or whatever, I Now live without that fallen-in-love thing going on. Happily. Peacefully. And gently.

I am grateful for this simply BEcause it lets me fall in love with ME. Every day…

I love you, Currie

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