Thursday, September 27, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 27 September 2012

Ó 2012 Currie Silver

So tempting
So often
To stand invisibly
BEhind the rest
NEVER having to go first
To BE wrong
To make a BIG hairy mistake.

Plan BE is all about making myself, ME, my Life into something real that breathes in-and-out, thinks and reflects, and is willing to BE [look, read, and sound] wrong.

Plan BE is “the manual” I wish I’d had 6 years ago, when I needed it, when the bottom fell out of my Life, and when I kept hanging on, BEcause as much as that Life was NOT GOOD for me, the possibility of vast nothingness was simply too much. For me.

Sometimes Life insists I NOT avoid, deny, or simply ignore something. That is exactly what it insisted then, but I was slow to understand, slower to change…

While it would have been nice if all that had “cleared-up” [but NOT OUT] making my need for a Plan “B” unnecessary, I BElieve I’d rather have been compelled to create this Plan BE, which is still revealing itself, still trying to keep me focused and in the game…

Plan BE is how I have learned Life, how Life has taught me to BE, proceed, and focus. It’s NOT simple or especially easy. It’s just what I have learned and am LEARNING.

I love you, Currie 

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