Sunday, September 16, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 16 September 2012

Ó 2012 Currie Silver

It’s so natural
To want the okay
Of an other
Or many of them

I noticed something as I was writing this morning. About how I put EVERYTHING through a procedure that is completely out of commission. I wait for this one or that to SEE me, to HEAR me, to AGREE WITH me.

And yet…

That “one” or “many” aren’t even tuned-in to my station. I am like a radio playing to the Great BEyond. I’m laughing a little. I remember in college going into the room where the college radio station was broadcasting. And I remember, suddenly, many scenes in radio stations I’ve seen in movies, on television… and all the while I have had this “imaginary radio station” surrounding my dreams and ideas. I NEVER see ME as the disc jockey. There must BE someone else DOing that.


When did this happen?! How is it that it feels “normal” and ordinary?!

Sometimes Life will just kick you in the gut and leave you wondering how you got into the middle of that ruckus. This is the sort of place where I am Now. I’m waiting on approval and agreement and encouragement that aren’t coming and that, really, I don’t EVEN need.

UnBElievably grateful. That I BE…

I love you, Currie

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