Saturday, September 8, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 8 September 2012

 Ó 2012 Currie Silver  

BE that person
The one who stays
Who is simply Present
For however long it takes
And then some…

I didn’t really consider how this Plan BE thing would grow. I thought it enough to have it BE “out there” and “on my list” of things I hope to accomplish. It seems that having that list of things I want to DO has lost its appeal. Like goals. Like Big Picture Dreams.

Instead of fitting into some neat and tidy box, Plan BE is BEcoming the background, the painting or backdrop for Life. My Life.

It is the wall I push off of as I swim my daily laps. It is the water that fills the glass, the water I drink, and the water that refills the glass.

So, with that in mind, BEing Someone Who Stays means I don’t just pop out for a bit and come back later, whenever. It means I stay and I don’t look at the time, don’t heave big sighs, don’t BElitte or think snarky little thoughts, [BEcause, really, all of those thoughts ARE snarky] and I don’t have any expectations of reciprocity. Even from myself.

BEing Someone Who Stays is integral to BEing Here, where I AM Now, in my own little Life and World.



I love you, Currie

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