Friday, September 14, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 14 September 2012

Ó 2012 Currie Silver

When I DO ask for help
It is only AFTER I have
Exhausted myself
Nattering about how I
Need help in the first place.

I think when I wrote this part of Plan BE I was overlooking something. I think that BEfore I can BE someone who isn’t afraid to ASK for help, I need to make friends with the fact that I am someone who NEEDS help. NOT just with the obvious things, like the two broken A/Cs in the bedroom that clearly needed to BE replaced… with the little and seemingly insignificant ones like getting my cart on and off the bus. With a ride to the library instead of sucking it up and spending 2 hours out and back, plus walking in to get the bus.

It is NOT that I can’t get the cart on and off, and it’s certainly NOT that I mind the exercise and the lessons that I always get on that bus trip, it’s just that sometimes I’d like a friend, some company, and mayBE to spend a little time IN the library, NOT just the 7-10 minutes BEfore the bus heads back.

BEing in NEED of anyone is a real sticking point for me. SEEING it and SAYING it, Out Loud, that’s a start…

I love you, Currie

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