Saturday, September 1, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 1 September 2012

Ó 2012 Currie Silver

BE willing to change your mind
And look at something in a whole new light.
Let good-for-you things take root
And grow wild and free.

I am grateful for habits. I know, I know… Habits are those things we were warned against. What I mean are those habits I am developing. Writing Gratitude each morning. Writing Practise that supersedes everything, including Gratitude. Rising Early. Morning Adventure with Gracie. Prayer. Meditation. BEing Quiet, quietly. Making art for no reason other than the JOY it brings me. Poeming, even if it’s NOT like any poem I ever read.

Building Habits has been “berry berry good for me” since moving. BEfore my move I was always waiting for “x” to happen. I was scattered and unfocused and grabbing hold of whatever I could to feel a part of, to feel like I had someplace I BElonged. It was a habit that held me, tethered me in fact, precluding anything like what Life is Now.

Wanting to BE a part of something, closer to somebody, and frankly BEing wanted and needed are habits I have broken. They didn’t come down in one fell swoop, but little by slowly by repetition and acknowledging the happier and lighter feelings each little brick’s falling brought me.

Ahhhhhhh… YES! Grateful for habits.

I love you, Currie

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