Thursday, November 8, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 8 November 2012

What is Right Now
Really and so truly
This is always enough

It is ridiculously easy to lean into MORE. To always keep utter and complete JOY just BEyond reach with that devilish habit of MORE. I canNOT fathom, well, I could NOT fathom that changing. Really. NOT one tiny smidgen of a bit.


Something happened in me, or mayBE it was through me?! anyway…

It was just a whisper at first. Something I barely noticed and simply could NOT acknowledge. BEyond internally Letting Go of all that I’d so carefully organised and packed away into storage.

For “when I got settled” in my new home.

And here’s the thing about “when I get settled” thinking: it NEVER EVER happens the way I envision it. It was two years plus AFTER I had moved and lived here in the Wee Cottage that it occurred to me that I was settled, and happy, and what I had was even too much…

Things seemed like they would make me happier, and I’d held onto those things BEcause they held what I thought was happiness. MayBE they did, and mayBE I would really love that tiny photo of Timmy in the little gold frame, but I don’t NEED it for it to bring me JOY…

Grateful… THIS is Always ENOUGH.

I love you, Currie

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