Thursday, November 22, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 22 November 2012

What are the questions you’d ask
[were you wondering why]
Someone who no longer loved you
Who seemed to have deleted you

There is a deal I’ve made with myself about my morning writing practise. If something is on my mind, if I wake up with something clearly feeling “up” for me, I write about it. I think this might BE why somedays I have tried to pick something ahead of time. [BEcause really, it’s so messy sometimes showing up here out loud, as just ME…]

So these lyrics. From a song that has played on Pandora. I didn’t even know what song it is, who the artist is. Thanks to Googling “am I not pretty enough” I discovered it is Kasey Chambers and the song is Am I Not Pretty Enough. And when I pulled up the lyrics I was, honestly embarrassed.

So Now you know that my thoughts don’t run so deep. That sometimes I am still no more nor less than a BEwildered girl. Full of insecurities and BElieving I NEED someone else to approve of and love me.


What I know is that these words and thoughtsandfeelings are clear indication that I am coming to a deeper place of understanding what drives me. What makes me go.

I’m NOT so complicated. REALLY…

I love you, Currie

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Molly said...

Your words are always so honest and thought-provoking... and are reflected so beautifully in your collages.