Sunday, November 11, 2012

Currie's Gratitude 11 November 2012

Is it?!
Is it so important that I get what I think I want?!
Is it so important that anyone acknowledge…
Or is it quite enough
That it is at all?!

Sometimes I have to interrupt myself. It’s one of those things peculiar about living one’s Life in Solitude. I can go on with a thought or a feeling or, yes, a tumble of thoughtsandfeelings, yet without anyone else to “push off from” or to challenge me, I’ve discovered I also need to step in and interfere with my own tra la la’ing.

It happens pretty frequently. And it happened just yesterday. This is the seed, the heart of my Gratitude today. That I ask the questions, the ones I am so glad I don’t have anyone else asking me BEcause I would likely snap and snark and generally make them sorry they’d uttered a word in my direction…

I ask them of myself. And then I wait. Listening. Creating a safe space for my answer to float up into view.

Is it so important… or is it merely what I would like?!

Is it so important… or would in BE nice?!

A person on her own path can sometimes get lost in the trees, turned round, unsure of the way she came in or how to…

I love you, Currie

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